the Historical Win of Skema Futsal Team

the Historical Win of Skema Futsal Team


Skema Sophia Fustal team did it, they won 4-2 against Neoma Reims which according to the captain Gabriel Piar, the match was difficult but the players remained focused and what made them able to win the match. 

We would like to congratulate on this occasion the scorers : Baptiste Guillou, Corentin Carasena, Pierre Jouany and all the players such as Mathieu Sebastiani, Nassim Chatri, Axel Giacomazzo, Sofiane Merazig, Anas Zayati and Théo Pelloux. A great tribute also to the coach Fred Gesland who without him the futsal team would not be at this stage. Thanks for all Fred. 

Skema Sophia is now qualified for the top 6 which will be played on March 21-22 in Paris

Good luck guys for the upcoming matches


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