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Dear students,

Renew of partnership with Forest Hill

This year we renew a very great partnership. In fact, the Forest Hill group will be our partner for the year. If you do not know Forest Hill, it is a sports facility group which is implemented everywhere in “Paris île de France”. They offer many different sport facilities.

The annual subscription for you is only 185€ instead of 708€. This low price gives you access to:

- 7 clubs, open every day of the year

- Spaces for group courses and cardio-weight training

- Tennis, Squash, Badminton

- Personal coaching

- Access to the Aquaboulevard aquatic park

We are happy to inform you of the special price. We know that with the current context, you may want to clear your mind and sports can be the righ thing for that. 

For more information concerning Forest Hill, please go visit its web site https://www.forest-hill.fr/ and to susbribe you clik on the picture attached. 

Your contact at Forest Hill is Marie Roustan, marie.roustan@forest-hill.com.


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