Let's talk about our Brazilian campus today,

Online activities at skema Brazil

The pandemic over here does not slow down and students are still on lockdown. This is not easy for them and we hope that the situation will improve in the coming days. However, online classes have been put in place.

On 2nd of September students benefited from a session of meditation, relaxation and hypnosis.

The Brazilian campus driven by its dynamic director, Genevieve Poulingue, has already implemented online activities to allow students to keep their mind and body healthy. We are aware the quarantine is difficult, therefore taking time to practice relaxation or meditation with qualified professionals, provides an opportunity to recharge the batteries. A PE teacher will provide varied physical training sessions on the TEAMS platform every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. It may well carry on when the Clube Círculo Militar of Belo Horizonte reopens. These activities will hopefully help Brazilian students.

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