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Interview of the day: Mathilde POIRIER


A Skema student gave her own path of her sport year

Mathilde Poirier, L3 student in Paris 

  • Since when do you practice Ju Jitsu?

I practice Ju-Jitsu for 7 months. I started thanks to Skema by choosing the sport option.

  • Is it always a pleasure for you to play this sport?

Yes, it’s a real pleasure to practice it and I’m missing it when I’m not able to do it.

  • Which place in your life this sport takes you?

As soon as I don’t have any more courses which is between 1pm and 4pm from Monday to Thursday, I go to Ju-Jitsu. In total, I spend between 4 and 8 hours a week.

  • What were your motivations at the beginning of the school year?

My motivation when I started was much less ambitious than today regarding to my results in competition. In September, I just wanted to play a sport again after two years of inactivity. I didn’t choose Badminton, which was my usual sport before that. I decided to choose Ju-Jitsu because I wanted to discover a new sport and the martial arts seemed really cool for me.

  • What were the expected results at the beginning of the year and what are the results achieved at this end of the year?

At the beginning of the year, the competition was not in consideration. My goal was to discover a martial art. Finally, I went to the competition and won all my fights to reach the first place. Veni, Vidi, Vici!

  • What the sport and in this case the Ju-Jitsu brings you in your life as a student and for your future professional life?

First of all, it brings a physical and moral well-being. It also gives me some confidence with others which helps me a lot due to my shyness. I also learned to analyze my opponents and seize opportunities. Finally, Ju-Jitsu refers to flexibility of mind and this flexibility is very useful in conflicts management

  • Are you proud to have competed in Ju-Jitsu and proud of your performances this year?

I am very happy to have done this competition. I’m very proud of my performances and very proud to found two of my colleagues from Nanterre on the podium. Now, it’s not over, I still have to progress because my goal is to beat 3 talented players that I’ve seen. They are very talented in their own categories. This is my competitive spirit that comes out.

Thank you Mathilde Poirier for making this great interview


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