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[Sport@SKEMA_BS] L'équipe des Baghz #rugbyféminin a repris ses entrainements cette semaine en respectant le protocole #COVID19. La préparation pour le FINAL6 a commencé! #sportskema  

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Publié par Franck LUCCISANO le 2020-09-24T12:17:06+0200


Bonjour à tous, La salle de musculation sera disponible à partir de lundi 21 septembre.   Pour vous inscrire et réserver votre séance de musculation, il faudra suivre le process suivant : 1 – Il faut prendre l’adhésion annuelle de l’AS SKEMA fixée à 10E : https://www.sportskema.com/…/annual-subscription-for-the-so… 2 – Il faut attendre la...

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Publié par Franck LUCCISANO le 2020-09-19T10:46:13+0200

Renew of partnership with Blocbuster

This year, Skema renew its partnership for the first semester with Blocbuster. This is a block climbing room near the PULV (Pôle universitaire Léonard De Vinci) which inspires by the practice on “rocks”. They have two rooms in “Paris Île de France” and propose in addition to climbing, place to practice Fitness and Musculation and the access to the Sauna....

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Publié par Laure COULBAULT le 2020-09-16T12:03:42+0200

Webinar Olympic Academic

You know that in 2024, France will organize Olympic games. This is a huge event for our country and we hope students will be involved massively in this event. The university of Lilles proposes to all students a “Webinar Olympic academic”. It will be a discuss between the big actors of the Olympic and academic movement and …. You !  . The theme is “Paris...

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Publié par Laure COULBAULT le 2020-09-16T11:30:54+0200

Renew of partnership with Forest Hill

This year we renew a very great partnership. In fact, the Forest Hill group will be our partner for the year. If you do not know Forest Hill, it is a sports facility group which is implemented everywhere in “Paris île de France”. They offer many different sport facilities. The annual subscription for you is only 185€ instead of 708€. This low price gives...

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Publié par Laure COULBAULT le 2020-09-14T15:12:32+0200

Online activities at skema Brazil

The pandemic over here does not slow down and students are still on lockdown. This is not easy for them and we hope that the situation will improve in the coming days. However, online classes have been put in place. On 2nd of September students benefited from a session of meditation, relaxation and hypnosis. The Brazilian campus driven by its dynamic director,...

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Publié par Nathalie SANCHEZ le 2020-09-07T15:32:55+0200


Cours 2020-2021/ Nouveautés    1) Capsule vidéo/ (K2)   •Les structures esport : statuts légal et organisation interne •L’intérêt des statistiques et de l’I.A. pour l’esport •Pratique intensive du jeu vidéo, risques sanitaires et prévention pour une pratique responsable •Les réseaux sociaux au service de la croissance d’une...

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Publié par Franck LUCCISANO le 2020-04-24T07:48:35+0200

New Training Gym at Skema Sophia

Very good news for Skema Sophia students :) The training gym of the Skema Sophia campus  was delivered and assembled last week. A high quality of Technogymn equipment will therefore be at the disposal of students and staff. This sports infrastructure will undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality of life for studying and working on the Sophia campus. For...

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Publié par Mohamed Skander BEN SLAMA le 2020-03-27T12:49:32+0100